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Red Robin Royalty New Member Information

Welcome to the Red Robin Royalty Program! Below are a few tips to top questions registered Royalty members ask us:

MEMBERSHIP REWARD ACCESS: Unless you registered by receiving a physical Red Robin Royalty card at a Red Robin location, you will not receive a physical card, and do not need one to earn and redeem rewards. Either with or without a card, you only need to provide your registered phone number to your server or enter it in our robin™ table top device to earn and redeem rewards.

PASSWORD SET UP – By registering your membership, you should have been prompted to set up a password. However, if you forgot your password, or you never created a password, please visit and click on “Already a Member?" then "Sign in Now”. You will then click “I don't know my password". An email will then be sent to your registered email address with a link to change your password. Please be sure this email is not sent to your spam. Please click the link which will direct you back to the website to change your password. You may find there are additional questions you must answer on your profile; answer these questions and click "submit" to be taken to the main Royalty page.

CURRENT EMAIL NECESSARY – The Red Robin Royalty program requires an up to date email address so we can notify you of upcoming rewards. If we email you and your email address is invalid, it will automatically deactivate your card. To avoid this, be sure your email address is current. To update your email address, please visit us at login to your account using the registered email address. In your dashboard, select “UPDATE INFO/PREFERENCES” to update your email. You will be prompted to validate the new email, follow the prompts to complete the update process.

UNSUBSCRIBING – In order to earn and redeem rewards, you must be subscribed to the Red Robin Royalty program and receive the Red Robin Royalty program emails. Clicking unsubscribe from any mailing automatically deactivates your account. If you have already unsubscribed from the program, you will need to reach us at to let us know you want to be reactivated. 

REDEEMING REWARDS - All of your earned rewards, including your Birthday Burger, automatically load on and off your membership depending on reward dates. To redeem your rewards, simply provide your server with your physical card, provide your server with your registered phone number, or enter the registered phone number in our robin™ table top device. Rewards will automatically be deducted from your check. To view and manage your Royalty Rewards, simply log on to your account at and you can choose which reward you wish to redeem next.  Forgot to get credit towards the 10th free item? Contact us at and select “Add Credit to Account”, then “Contact us” to complete a form. Our team will add the credits for you.

KID'S CLUB – Royalty members may still register their children in our Teem/Kids club by logging into their account at and clicking on the “Teen/Kids Club” link. Once completed you will receive an email coupon to the email associated with your Royalty account seven days before your child’s Birthday for one free Birthday Burger. The offer is valid for 14 days from the date on the coupon. Be sure to print out this coupon and bring it with you to Red Robin.

ONE MEMBER, ONE MEMBERSHIP – As each member may only have one membership, once you register for the program you may not register again. If your member information changes (Email, phone, physical address, etc.) you must update your existing account by going to and logging in using the information you used to create your membership. In your dashboard, select “UPDATE INFO/PREFERENCES” to update any member information. You will be prompted to validate any updated phone or email by following the validation process to complete your updates. If you have issues using your membership, contact us through the contact us form 
Do not register a new membership or try to register a card a server may give you if you are already a member in our system.

For any other questions, please visit us at

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