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Our tech suppliers are so much more than that. They’re true partners that play a critical role in supporting our business. That’s why we’ve created our Vendor Portal. Here, potential partners and existing suppliers can gain visibility into current and future projects.

If you’re interested in teaming up, we invite you to register by using the “Register Your Company” link below. This is the best way to engage with us about the technology solutions that you provide. Unless you’re already in our inner information technology circle, it’s pretty unlikely Red Robin will respond to unsolicited phone calls, emails or direct mail. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule. If we want to talk, we’ll get in touch!

After registering, it’s important to create your so-called profile. Spend ample time updating our supplier database with your company's products and solutions, as well as any strategic partnerships your company has with key software and hardware vendors. The more complete and current your company information, the better visibility your company has with us as we look for new service providers.

After you’re in our system, you’ll be able to learn more about Red Robin's projects.

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