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Check Credits on Account

It’s what every taste bud wants to know. There are multiple ways of checking to see if you received credit for your visit:

RECEIPT- Once we’ve swiped your card or you’ve given us your phone number to enter, you can check your receipt to verify earned credit for your visit. Look towards the middle of your receipt, and you’ll see “Total Credit earned” and “Credit needed to earn next reward”. You’ll also see super important information like how many items you have towards the “Buy 9, Get 10th item free” reward plan. If your visit is properly credited, your receipt should have your name on it.

LOGGING IN- Access your Royalty membership by click You can check if you received credit for your recent visits by logging into your account and clicking on My Account > Account History.

If you forget to provide your server your Red Robin Royalty™ card and/or the telephone number associated with your account when you pay your meal, not all is lost: you can still receive credits for your qualifying purchases by scanning and submitting your receipt by completing the add credit form "Click Here" to complete the form. 

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