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My membership is Inactive/Invalid

The Red Robin Royalty account can be deactivated due to three reasons:

  • Un-subscription: our emails are a part of the Red Robin Royalty program and clicking unsubscribe from any mailing automatically deactivates your account as well.
  • Reported as SPAM: This can happen by reporting one of our email as SPAM or by moving your email into a Junk or SPAM mailbox.
  • Invalid E-mail:  if you change your e-mail address or an invalid email address was entered during the registration process deactivates your account. In order to reactivate your Red Robin Royalty account, we will need a valid email address.

If you are already in our database, you will not be able to register a new membership.

We can easily get you back into burger bliss. Just shoot us a message by clicking "
Membership Card/Cardless", and we’ll get those taste buds singing once again by reactivating your membership. 

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