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Add Royalty Credits

If you forget to provide your server your Red Robin Royalty™ card and/or the telephone number associated with your account when you pay your meal, not all is lost: you can still receive credits for your qualifying purchases by scanning and submitting your receipt by completing the add credit form "Click Here" to complete the form.  If you can't upload your receipt, either let us know your 5 digit check number on that receipt or provide us with a list of qualifying items, and the date of the visit, and we can look it up for you! You may use this process to add credits to your account for 30 days following your restaurant visit. You will not receive credits for qualifying purchases that you purchase prior to Registration.

Unless otherwise specified, your Red Robin Royalty™ membership can be used in the same way you use it to dine in the restaurant. Be sure to provide your card or your registered phone number to your server to add credit to your membership or redeem those tasty rewards.

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