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Gone Cardless

Cardless Account
If you created your Red Robin Royalty™ account without a card, this means you’re Cardless. You don’t have or will never need a card. Hooray!

When you first created your membership, you set up an email and password that you will use to sign in to your membership online. Go to "Already a Member" and "Sign in Now", sign in using the email and password you created and voila!

 As part of Red Robin’s ongoing effort to be environmentally conscious and reduce waste, our Royalty program is now completely card-less. The Royalty program has not changed, but instead of swiping a card, now you will enter your registered phone number on the robin™ table top device or provide it to your server to earn and redeem rewards.

Multiple Cards
If you’re already an existing Red Robin Royalty™ member, you won’t be able to use a new card that your server gave you because you’re already enrolled in our program. If you’ve lost your card, you can use your phone number to access membership perks by telling your server your number so they can locate your membership.

Lost/Stolen Card
 If you your card was lost or stolen, let us know. Our Royalty program is now completely card-less, so you do not need a replacement card. However, we can deactivate your prior account number to make sure it's not being used by someone else.  Let us know by clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the right side of your screen. 


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