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Validating Phone Number Issues

If you can’t verify your phone number, here’s some info that might help. First, you need to have the phone handy that is connected to the phone number you want to confirm. Check to make sure you have registered your account with a unique and valid email address and phone number. 

Next, go to Then, you will be prompted to verify your phone number, either by text message or phone call. Choose your path, either by text or phone, and then enter the PIN you receive during the process.

If texting is your thing, once you enter your phone number we will text you a PIN, and you’ll enter it when prompted.
If you experience any of the following issues:

Validation Issues:
 - Pin Validation: System won’t take it, Typed the wrong pin, did not receive a code
- Call Validation: Didn’t get the call, call did not take the voice pin
- E-mail Validation: did not receive link, link did not work
click “Registration Assistance”, and let us know what they are. We can help.

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