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Fundraiser FAQ

Can we set-up our own promotional materials in the restaurant?
Your organization is more than welcome to set-up an informational table with printed materials and a sign-up sheet for more information about your organization, if desired! Out of consideration for our guests, as well as the safety of the restaurant staff, we kindly ask that members from your organization do not stand or sit at this table.
How can I successfully promote my Fundraiser Night?
We have a variety of tools, from flyers to sample social media posts, that you can use to make your Fundraiser Night a huge success. Please visit to download these tools. We recommend starting the advertising process early for the best Fundraiser Night turnout. Please note all advertising efforts must occur before you arrive to the restaurant for your event. No solicitation is permitted on restaurant premises.
How are our sales tracked during the Fundraiser Night?
Please visit to download the tools you’ll need to market your fundraiser. On the day of your Fundraiser Night, please instruct your attending guests to show these promotional materials to their servers, as this is how the restaurant will track your sales. At the end of your Fundraiser Night, 20% of all tracked sales (excluding alcohol and tax) will be awarded as Proceeds Raised by your organization! Our most popular tool is our flyer; however, our servers will accept any materials within the toolbox!
Will to-go orders be counted towards our total proceeds raised?
At this time, we unfortunately are unable to track sales for orders placed online or over the phone. However, for the convenience of your attendees, we would be more than happy to place a to-go order in-restaurant only for carry-out purposes— as these sales may be applied to your Fundraiser.
How will our organization receive our payment?
In the following couple weeks after you event, you will receive a confirmation containing your Proceeds Raised Amount and further information on when you can expect to receive your payment. Our Accounting team will issue your check according to the information found on your submitted W9/tax document (beneficiary name and address). Please make sure the beneficiary name and address included in your confirmation email are correct. If any information needs to be corrected, you may reach out to
What if someone from my organization dines with you before our confirmed Fundraiser Night scheduled time?
Out of consideration for our restaurants, we kindly ask that you dine within your established Fundraiser Night scheduled time. However, if someone mistakenly dines on behalf of your organization outside of your scheduled time please alert the restaurant General Manager. We will do our best to add those funds to the final Proceeds Raised. We kindly ask that please hold on to this receipt should it be needed for processing purposes.

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