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Food Allergen Menu

To locate our Interactive Allergen Menu from a desktop, go to select "Food & Drinks" to reveal a drop-down menu. From there, select "Allergen" to go to our Interactive Allergen Menu. Please make sure that you have “Pop Ups” enabled for this information to be displayed within your internet browser.

To view the allergen menu from a tablet or mobile device, please scroll down on the main page. From there, select "Allergen" to go to our Interactive Allergen Menu.

The Interactive Allergen Menu allows us to stay up to date with current changes in allergen information relating to the food products served at our Red Robin restaurants. Therefore, providing you with the most current information to make safe and informed menu choices.

Please note that as our menu items, suppliers and ingredients may change, Red Robin allergen menus are location specific and are consistently changing, so it is recommended to review the interactive allergen menu before each visit. Red Robin will do its best to customize orders to meet your preferences, and we hope that there’s something on this list you’ll enjoy. Please make sure to inform your server of your specific dietary needs when ordering so that Red Robin can accommodate your requests.

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