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Gluten v Wheat

We follow the FDA’s recommendations and guidelines to allergens. An allergen means someone could go into anaphylactic shock by consuming the food containing the allergen. According to the FDA Gluten is not considered an allergen, but an intolerance. 

We have performed extensive Gluten testing across the country on our fryers and we meet the less than 20 ppm’s of Gluten recommendation set by the FDA. We are able to offer more options on the Gluten Free menu than we are for the Wheat Allergen menu. 

If you have a high sensitivity to Gluten, then I would recommend using our Red Robin interactive allergen menu and check for both Gluten Free and Wheat Free items. 

Please note that as our menu items, suppliers and ingredients may change, Red Robin allergen menus are location specific and are consistently changing, so it is recommended to review the interactive allergen menu before each visit. Red Robin will do its best to customize orders to meet your preferences, and we hope that there’s something on this list you’ll enjoy. Please make sure to inform your server of your specific dietary needs when ordering so that Red Robin can accommodate your requests. 

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