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Protein Integrity

There are the regulatory requirements, but at Red Robin we take it a step further. We make our signature gourmet burgers from the freshest cuts of domestic beef, free of preservatives, artificial and added ingredients. We test it, we taste it, we scrutinize it and then we do it all over again. Basically, if it isn’t the best, we don’t use it. You could call us control freaks. That way we can ensure the freshness and quality we promise to you. 

BEEF: All-natural, domestic, USDA-inspected 100% beef — free of preservatives, artificial and added ingredients.

Our Finest and Gourmet Burgers are made with all-natural, domestic, 100% USDA-inspected beef, free of preservatives, artificial and added ingredients. Both our Finest and Gourmet burger patties are fresh and never frozen.

Our Tavern patty is also made with all-natural, domestic, USDA-inspected 100% beef. These patties, which are used for only a limited portion of our menu, are frozen prior to distribution.  We do this because a frozen patty of this size flame broils perfectly on our cooking equipment, delivering the quality and satisfaction our Guests know and love with our Tavern Burgers.

POULTRY: No hormones. No steroids. 100% of our chicken comes from family-owned farms, where they are fed a vegetarian diet and are raised cage free.

PORK: Humanely and domestically raised pork. Bacon is hardwood smoked.  All specialty bacons (such as our peppered and candied bacons) are made in house.

COD: Premium, US Grade A, ocean-caught from Arctic Waters and hand-cut.  Our cod is Hand-battered in our restaurants and made to order.

And that’s not all. Our Team Members are trained to execute Red Robin's proprietary cooking process guaranteeing that each one of our guests receive not only the safest gourmet burger, but the juiciest, most lip-smacking, made-to-order burger in town.If you would like more information about our sustainability practices, visit our Sustainability pageWe are doing our part to protect the planet whenever and wherever we can. We take a very different path from farm to table than most burger places. 


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