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Reward Redemption Topics

Birthday Reward

We all know that our Birthday Burger can make your birthday that much more amazing. As a Red Robin Royalty member, you will not receive a coupon for your Free Birthday Burger, because the Birthday reward is automatically loaded to your account the first d more

Online Ordering Assistance

Below is the top frequently asked questions guest face when adding the Red Robin Royalty information to their Online Order. more

Red Robin Royalty New Member Information

Welcome to the Red Robin Royalty Program! Below are a few tips to top questions registered Royalty members ask us: more

How does Red Robin prioritize their rewards?

We can’t deny it. All of our rewards are pretty darn delicious. We do rank them in the order of highest value, but now you have the ability to choose which one you crave! Remember, your membership must be active and registered in order to redeem any re more

Red Robin Royalty FAQs

Below is the top frequently asked questions about the Red Robin Royalty program. Reading through these will help you with issues you might be facing. Should you have further questions, be sure to search through our Knowledge Center by typing a topic or ph more

How many rewards can I redeem during a visit?

Only one reward is redeemable during each visit. If you have earned more than one reward, the reward that is pre-ranked the highest in our system will be used first. Remember our rewards are ranked in the order of highest value. Don't forget you can m more

Can we apply multiple Red Robin Royalty™ accounts to the same order?

Only one account can be applied to a check at a time. The best way to get the credit you so rightfully deserve is to let your server know that you need to split your check to accommodate for multiple Red Robin Royalty™ accounts dining at the same time. Pl more

What counts as an “Item” credit towards your “10th free item” program?

Who doesn’t love free! And that 10th free item can be mighty tasty. Remember that you have to buy a burger, salad, sandwich or entrée for it to count as an item credit towards our reward plan. Kids’ Meals, house/side salads, appetizers, soups, desserts, b more

Can the Red Robin Royalty™ card be used towards “to-go” orders?

Unless otherwise specified, your Red Robin Royalty™ membership can be used in the same way you use it to dine in the restaurant. Be sure to provide your card or your registered phone number to your server to add credit to your membership or redeem those t more

If I have eight items already purchased towards the 10th item free reward plan, and I order two items, would one of them be free?

Absolutely. It’s all about meeting our quota. In the scenario you suggested, you would have purchased the number of qualifying items necessary, so you would certainly have earned your free item and can redeem it during the same visit. more