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Registration Assistance Topics

How do I Register for the Red Robin Royalty™ Program?

It's super simple. Just follow the steps below to Burger nirvana! Go to Click on "Register.” Enter your zip code and choose your favorite Red Robin restaurant. Enter your email address and create a password for your membership. more

I'm having issues registering for the Red Robin Royalty™ program

We’ll get it squared away. If you’re getting an “email already registered” error message, that means you’re already enrolled in the Red Robin Royalty program. You’re registered with us either by your email address or your phone number. Perhaps you forgot more

I’m having issues validating my phone number

If you can’t verify your phone number, here’s some info that might help. First, you need to have the phone handy that is connected to the phone number you want to confirm. Check to make sure you have registered your account with a unique and valid email a more

Red Robin Royalty New Member Information

Welcome to the Red Robin Royalty Program! Below are a few tips to top questions registered Royalty members ask us: more

Unable to unsubscribe from Red Robin Royalty Program

We are sorry to hear that you want to unsubscribe for the Red Robin Royalty program. more

How can I update my Red Robin Royalty™ profile?

It’s super simple. You can update your profile info by logging into your account, and selecting “edit profile”. Here you can edit your address, phone and email information more

I tried to add my kids to my account and can't.

Don't sweat this, we can help you get this fixed! Our members are able to add up to two children to their account on their own. If you have more than two children, please let us know by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the right of the page. When yo more

I forgot my Red Robin Royalty™ password

Settle those salivary glands down and follow these steps to retrieve your forgotten password. more

Red Robin Royalty FAQs

Below is the top frequently asked questions about the Red Robin Royalty program. Reading through these will help you with issues you might be facing. Should you have further questions, be sure to search through our Knowledge Center by typing a topic or ph more

How can I enroll my kids in your Kid's Club?

The Red Robin fever starts early. You’re going to be one idolized parent when you add your kids to the Kid’s Club. It’s super simple. If your child is 17 or under and you are a Red Robin Royalty™ Member, log in to your membership and select "Teen/Kid's Cl more

Issues using a shared phone on another membership

The Red Robin Royalty program only allows one adult to be associated with each Red Robin Royalty account. This ensures Red Robin the ability to connect your account and Birthday reward and other scrumptious delights coming your way to a unique phone which more

What does it mean to be a Cardless Red Robin Royalty™ member?

If you created your Red Robin Royalty™ account without a card, this means you’re Cardless. You don’t have or will never need a card. Hooray! When you first created your membership, you set up an email and password that you will use to sign in to your more

What do I do if my server gave me a new Red Robin Royalty™ card?

If you’re already an existing Red Robin Royalty™ member, you won’t be able to use the new card that your server gave you because you’re already enrolled in our program. If you’ve lost your card, you can use your phone number to access membership perks by more

I’m having trouble logging in to my Red Robin Royalty Membership

It might seem like a simple question but we have to ask–have you set up a password? If you see an error that tells you “Whoops! Our system is telling you that you have NOT created a password” then you have not yet linked your membership to a login/passwor more